Anthony Damiani Resource Page

Here you will find some helpful information concerning the life and teachings of Anthony Damiani.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of his writings and teaching but just a sample.  We hope in the future to have and online archive of Anthony’s teachings, but that is beyond the scope of this website.  If after reviewing this sampling you would like more information, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

A biography of Anthony Damiani:

Here you will find a short biography written by Paul Cash about Anthony’s life.

Meeting a Philosopher by Joscelyn Godwin

Books by Anthony:

Anthony left behind a variety of materials that merit publication, including numerous essays, a nearly completed book on philosophic symbolism (later published as Astronoesis), and a wide selection of recorded classes on how various spiritual issues are treated in different philosophical and religious traditions. Three books — Looking into Mind, Standing in Your Own Way and Living Wisdom offer an opportunity to come into contact with some of the ideas that were discussed in the classes.

Audio Clips of Anthony:

Below you will find a few short audio clips taken from class tapes at Wisdom’s Goldenrod.

Which is more real ?(mentalism)
All that we Know (mentalism)
Be it (meditation)
Who’s looking (meditation)
Who Sees (meditation)
360 and I (ego and Cosmology)
Everyone has this illusion (mentalism)
On Infinity (from Golden Lion talk 1970)
Opens you up (mentalism)

Diagrams by Anthony:

If you had not studied with Anthony or if you have not read Astronoesis, these diagrams may appear to you like the Alchemical plates in the writings of Carl Jung or Manly Palmer Hall – amazing pictures with hidden meanings buried just outside the grasp of the uninitiated. Anthony’s diagrams also have meaning and can be comprehended in that there is an inherent metaphysical structure on which they are based. We hope in the future to help unfolded, shed some light on these diagrams before they become like the diagrams of Robert Fludd – images whose meaning escapes us. Here is an Introduction article to Anthony’s Diagrams/Mandalas.

Class Transcripts:

Over a 12 year period of time Anthony gave hundreds of class. Most of these classes took place at Wisdom’s Goldenrod but Anthony also gave classes in Columbus Ohio on a regular basis and he once visited Sweden where he gave a series of classes. Over 150 of these classes have been transcribed. We are working on the best way to present these to the public, but for now, here is small sample for your review:

May 5, 1971 class: from The Wisdom of the Overself — Birth of the Universe chapter

March 12, 1982: Plotinus — The One

June 13, 1984 class: PB quotes on the Ego

Hand written note by Anthony Damiani, “For destiny to have brought these teachings – this metaphysical doctrine of truth – to your attention, and further a response from your deepest heart to its ultimate authenticity may be considered among one’s greatest blessings. A simple life dedicated to a great purpose.”

A few unedited notes of Anthony Damiani

Here you will find 5 unedited handwritten notes by Anthony.

Video of Louis Damiani reading some of Anthony’s writings:

On Wednesday August 24, 2022 several of us gathered at Wisdom’s Goldenrod to celebrate Anthony Damiani’s 100th birthday. His son Louis was  gracious enough to share some of his memories about Anthony and to read some of Anthony’s writings.