Anthony Damiani Archive

The AD Legacy Committee of Wisdom’s Goldenrod, created by the board in 2015, works to assess, collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to Anthony’s vast legacy. This includes written materials, notes, book drafts, and diagrams, as well as audio and transcripts of classes and seminars taught at Wisdom’s Goldenrod during Anthony’s lifetime.
Committee members have been collaborating with Jim Verhagen – who designed the PB archival site and the e-commerce website for Snow Lion Publications – to create a browser that lets people search Anthony’s papers and transcripts by date or topic and then filter the results by whether there is audio or a diagram associated with the item. The overall aim is to design and create a website that will allow visitors from around the world to explore the depths of Anthony’s vision.
The project is already underway thanks to a generous $25,000 donation by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation (PBPF). As those of you who were able to attend the WG annual meeting heard, Jim thinks that work on the project is going well.
We hope to match the PBPF gift through donations from the WG community over the next several months. To contribute, please be in touch with Harriet Eisman (; 607-351-5691) or give directly in one of these two ways:
  1. Send a paper check made out to: Wisdom’s Goldenrod and mail to: 5801 NY Route 414, Hector New York 14841. Please put “for AD Online Archive” on the memo line. Or,
  2. Online through
Wisdom’s Goldenrod is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Please give generously, according to your means. Anthony’s teachings lie at the very heart of who we are as a community. Thanks so much for your kind support!

Committee Reports: