Wisdom’s Goldenrod Autumn Studies 2023
The Mandala
November 10-12, 2023

All are welcome to come to all or any part of this event. Please share this announcement with anyone you think might be interested. The event is free, but donations are welcome.
Zoom links will be sent out soon on the WG listserv.
Here’s the schedule. All times are EST.
Friday Nov. 10
5:00 pm ~ Meditation (Marie Holmes and Maria Ochoa)
7:00 pm ~ Some Thoughts on Mandalas (Herb Shapiro)
Saturday Nov. 11
10:00 am ~ How the 4 Points on the Cross Inside the Circle Compose Each Individual Mandala (Linda Ruth)
5:00 pm ~ Meditation (Steve Smolen)
7:00 pm ~ The Tao of Inner Design: A Deep Dive into I Ching Mandalas and their Symbolic Significance (William Horden)
Sunday Nov. 12
10:00 am ~ Anthony’s Visionary approach to Philosophy: An Invitation to the Beauty and Sacred Space of the Mandala (Avery Solomon)
4:15 pm ~ Sunset Meditation (Karen Smith)
7:00 pm ~ Circumambulating the Self: Mandalas According to C. G. Jung (Barbara Platek)
For more information, please contact Helen Perl at helensperl@gmail.com.
“Whether the seeker uses a Tibetan mandala (spiritually symbolic picture) to concentrate on, or an Indian mantram (continuous mental or muttered repetition of a verbal formula), the end result will be an indrawn state of consciousness, abstracted from the outside world, or else a deeper and more sustained remembrance of God. Like the other yoga methods, they are devices to achieve one-pointedness of mind.”
~ Paul Brunton 4.3.223