Conscious Movement Classes at Wisdom’s Goldenrod

July 15, 22,29, August 5 (Saturdays) Time: 4:00 pm for one hour
Dates: July 19, 26, August 2, 9 (Wednesdays) Time: 9:00 am for one hour

Leonor Horden is kindly offering a class in response to a number of inquiries. Anyone may come to any of these classes. Each one is self-contained.

We will introduce the idea of “conscious movement” to retrain our bodies in ways they have forgotten—and remove what most people think of as “aging.” The movements come from various cultures and traditions with the focus of connecting our mind and body with a heightened kinesthetic awareness. This allows the sensory-motor system to organize itself and unlearn these habitual responses to all the stressors and strains of life.

The specific practices for working with this learned adaptive response will be extracted from Tai Chi Ch’uan, Qi Kung, Thomas Hanna’s Somatics, Moshe Feldenkrais’ work, corrective manipulations to deal with misalignments and acupressure points for tuning the body as a warm up.

Here is the content for each of the weekly classes:

  • 1st week —work with trunk organization i.e. abs and back and the balanced tone.
  • 2nd week—-work with the mechanics of breathing and working to retrain hyperventilation disorder and relaxing the diaphragm. Checking the coordination of ribs and hip movement.
  • 3rd week—-retraining shoulders, neck and upper back for increased range of motion and flexibility.
  • 4th week—-retraining the hips, knees and feet for better and easier weight bearing and walking.

If you have questions about these classes, or would like to sign up, please let us know and we can send you her email address. Signing up is not required, but it would certainly be helpful for her.
Fee: donation to the Center as you can.