Dissolved in Stillness

Wisdom’s Goldenrod
Autumn Studies 2022

“In seeking, by means of these passages,
a glimpse of the incomprehensible nature of the One,
the intellect must be like a bird
which leaves no trace in flying through the air:
The intellect’s own operations must dissolve back
into the stillness into which it is advancing.”

–Anthony Damiani, Astronoesis p. 34

October 29,2022
The 50th anniversary of Wisdom’s Goldenrod

Papers presented during  2022 Autumn Studies :

Michael Wakoff:  “Before All Things”: Savoring Plotinus’s Writing on the One

Helen Perl: Thinking about the One

John Leidenfrost: Anthony on the One

Patricia Carlson: Wellspring of Life

June Fritchman: Why Plotinus?

Mark Scorelle: 50 Years with Wisdom’s Goldenrod: Fifteen Major Glimpses to Illustrate and Elucidate the Teachings