Organizations and individuals  who are associated with Wisdom’s Goldenrod

Larson Publications: A great site to find books by Paul Brunton and Anthony Damiani
Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation:  Wisdom’s Goldenrod sister site dedicated to Paul Brunton
Shasti Association is non-profit organization that is devoted to disseminating traditional wisdom teachings of evolutionary significance.
The Path of Philosophy is a website built by Alan Berkowitz (Micha-El) and Magda Beatriz Berkowitz (Gran) dedicated to the core meaning of Philosophy.
Looking into Mind is a website that gives some insights into Anthony Damiani’s philosophy and teachings.
Member sites:
Micha-El (Alan Berkowitz): Student of Paul Brunton and Anthony Damiani
Laurie Conrad:  Composer, Artist, Teacher, Piano artist
Peter Holleran:  Peter was a philosophy major at Cornell before studying with Anthony Damiani in the late 1960’s.
Elaine Mansfield:  Student of Anthony and PB, founding member of Wisdom’s Goldenrod, writer, nutritionist, gardener, mother.
Vic Mansfield:    Founding member of Wisdom’s Goldenrod, a professor at Colgate University, student of Paul Brunton.
Timothy Smith:  Long time student of PB and Anthony.  Tim has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years.
Avery Solomon: Long time student of Anthony Damiani.  Avery gives classes and seminars on various topics of philosophy and spirituality.
“AUM” symbol, Meditation Room at Wisdom’s Goldenrod