Ngawang Zenden


We have five family members. I am the eldest child . I have two younger brothers. The middle one is in zongsar monastery and the smallest one is having his ninth grade exam this year. My father is 54 years old and my mother is 46 years old. My parents have been living their whole life as farmers and daily wage workers. My father works in construction sites in villages. And mother goes to work on other’s field. I received my first education in my village school and then in pokhara (Christian home) for four years. In 2013 , I got admission in Upper tcv under destitute list and finally I graduate 12 grade (arts) in 2020. Right now I am persuading a bachelor degree in English and social work in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a four year course. I have done teaching in my village in my winter vacations. In the starting months of 2021, I was selected as English teacher in a nun monastery in Pokhara . My goal in life is to be a English professor and a social worker.