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The Paul Brunton Archive — On Line:

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PBPF YouTube channel:  YouTube site of the PBPF for PB recordings.

PB YouTube channel:  A YouTube channel for PB recordings  (English and Portuguese).

Three PB videos produced by Louis Damiani

PB wrote notes everywhere, at any time, and on any available scrap of paper throughout his long life.  Many of these notes were later transformed into his books, starting with A Search in Secret India and concluding with The Spiritual Crisis of Man.  Many more were filed away into a large collection of notebooks, which were divided into twenty-eight categories or main topics.

Over a period of eight years Wisdom’s Goldenrod students of Anthony Damiani keyboarded, culled, organized into manageable groups, and published this material as The Notebooks of Paul Brunton.  This is truly a treasure-trove of thoughts, observations, and intuitions garnered over a lifetime of external adventures and interior awareness.  While it may take another lifetime to study these, it only takes a moment to search by subject, or to let the computer gods pick a random para for you.  We hope that you discover new thoughts, receive guidance, and are touched by PB’s own inspiration as you explore this remarkable collection.

The Paul Brunton Philosphic Foundation (PBPF):

This Website serves as the online resource for Paul Brunton’s extraordinary wisdom-teachings. We are dedicated to assisting you in your spiritual quest and have designed this site to aid you with your journey.

Audio recording of PB:

Below you will find an audio recording of Paul Brunton created many years ago at the request of Anthony Damiani (PB calls him “Tony” in the audio). PB agreed, with the stipulation that the tape be shared only with the Wisdom’s Goldenrod community. Up to this time we have honored PB’s request to keep it private, but feel it is now time to share it with all who may find it helpful.