Re-visioning Astronoesis

A view of Philosophy and Astrology through the Mandala.

Eight Zoom sessions starting Sunday, January 8th from 9:30-11am Eastern US time (15:30-17:00 CET). We will meet every other Sunday at the same time.

Please join us for an introduction to Anthony Damiani’s magnum opus, Astronoesis (from Greek words meaning “star wisdom”)presented by Avery Solomon and Linda Ruth.

“Dear Friends of Philosophy
For the new year, there will be a new course offering as well as our continuing monthly Saturday communing. Many people have asked for a way into Anthony’s complex work Astronoesis. We will explore some of the inspired features of a cosmological mandala for philosophy, and illustrate the philosophic basis for Astrology in the natal chart.”


“Happy Solstice, Christmas and Chanukah everyone! After 30 years, Avery Solomon and I are finally offering a class on Zoom to unpack Astronoesis into a readable form which applies to each of our charts. Although it contains everything i have ever learned from Astrology, i know it’s unreadable to most people who were not there when Anthony was alive. I am really looking forward to having you join in this adventure!”


Linda and Avery are generously offering this class free of charge. Donations to Wisdom’s Goldenrod in appreciation for this valuable teaching are welcome.

Part of the class will be looking at some astrological charts. Please send along your astrological information (date and time of birth, location) to if you would like your chart included in the class.

For more information and the Zoom link please email

Hard copies of Astronoesis are available as well as a  new a digital version (pdf). Proceeds from the pdf digital version go directly to Wisdom’s Goldenrod.

“I think that [Astronoesis] is possibly the most important book on Philosophy and Astrology and the Metaphysics of Astrology in 1500 years …”

— Robert Hand, author of Planets in Transit and other works

“…the transcendental understanding we seek has its humble origins in this empirical world. Here we find the only phenomenon adequate to serve us in the task our aspiration has been assigned. This symbolism of the cosmos is vast enough to provide the polyvalent systems of conception and logic that will be necessary to synthesize the many faceted aspects of man’s perpetual quest, and to reconcile the seeming contradictions among the various philosophic and religious traditions. The sensible world is sufficiently determined in its parts both to keep our understanding under rein and to spur it beyond its limits.”

Anthony Damiani, Astronoesis, Introduction p.4

Zoom Recordings:

Below please find links to the Zoom class recordings. Recordings will be available the day after the class.

  1. 01/08/2023:  Passcode: ia&8J3Dy
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