Seasonal Studies Workshops

Wisdom’s Goldenrod presents seasonal weekend workshops that are free and open to the public. Each workshop is based on a theme, a theme that focuses on a given topic or Idea that is relevant to the unfolding vision of the Center. Here you will find information about up and coming Workshops as well as information from previous workshops.
Autumn Studies November 10-12, 2023 “The Mandala”  There will be five presentations, by William Horden, Linda Ruth, Herbert Shapiro, Avery Solomon, and Barbara Platek. Their topics include looking into the I Ching, C.G. Jung’s work, and astrology (specifically the 4 points on the cross inside the circle).
Summer Studies 2023: Wisdom’s Goldenrod will host a hybrid in-person/Zoom Summer Studies program the weekend of Friday, June 30 through Sunday, July 2. The currently envisioned theme is “Practices for the Quest.”
Winter Studies 2023: Due to time and energy conflicts , at this time we are postponing Winter Studies 2023.
Autumn Studies 2022: “Dissolved in Stillness”  The 50th anniversary of the founding of Wisdom’s Goldenrod