Private, handwritten notes of Anthony Damiani

These are Anthony’s private notes to himself and were never edited. Please click on the picture of the note to get a bigger more detailed image of the note.
“The I.P. (Intellectual Principle) and soul arise spontaneously from (within) mind. It is its own cause. Eternals are brought into actuality from potentiality by themselves – To properly understand this the two must exist mind and its expressions but the expressions bring themselves about. Beings arise from and within beyond-Being not caused by beyond-Being”
“The astrological classes can be a tool, a device for the development of creative thinking. The attempt to understand another forces you to let go of your identification with the degrees, your presupposition.”
“No greater service can be done for mankind than to state the doctrine unequivocally – rather than to ceaselessly be correcting the many expressions that are to be found now”
“Motion is knowledge – Think for example of the dynamic tones that in themselves are only the means thru which the flow of melody is revealed.
Use the planets analogously their instant by instant motion is not in itself our knowledge — the uninterrupted rise and fall etc – but the pure dynamism which is in a sense non-material and not a β€œpart’ of external world.”
“The doctrine of The One-Only of Plotinus must be understood as non-dual – Two can’t be contrasted with it!
Our degrees or Ideas in the chart are the Gods or Universals which we contemplate by and thru living or retrospectively in reflection.”